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12 November 2019
Week of 11 Nov Updates

Hello Timebankers,

Hope all is well! I've just returned from across the pond. While I did send out updates during my absence, I'm aware that some of you didn't receive them due to our continuing email troubles. For the time being, we are going to reduce the frequency of our emails, and send them out bi-weekly, as Gmail seems happier with us the less we try to send. Weekly updates will still be posted to Facebook and our website, and urgent one off requests will also appear on those mediums.

And, thank you to all who contributed in one way or another to the hedgehog event! We had a delightful time with the kids, and Friends of Houghton Primary School sends a big thank you to all the Timebankers who attended or helped craft beforehand. We will continue to fold a few hedgehogs for them at our coffee morning this week.

Here are our updates.

Diary dates:

Weds 13 Nov – 10 AM   – Coffee Morning at St. Mary’s Centre

Weds 20 Nov – 10 AM   – Health Walk starting at St. Mary’s Centre

Weds 27 Nov – 10 AM   – Coffee Morning at St. Mary’s Centre

Tues 03 Dec -  1:30 PM  - Afternoon Scrabble at the village shop

Weds 11 Dec - 10 AM - Coffee Morning at St. Mary's Centre

Thurs 12 Dec  - Timebank's Christmas Luncheon- PREPAID BOOKING REQUIRED, please (with the Timebank). Get ready to pop the Christmas crackers! Our holiday luncheon this year is at the Three Horseshoes. Price is £18.75 for a 3 course meal (starter, main, and dessert) with tea or coffee, inclusive of service charge, or £12.50 for a 2 course meal (starter OR dessert, and main) with tea or coffee, inclusive of service charge. The price reflects the fact that the portion sizes will be slightly smaller than typical a la carte items. There are a total of 30 spaces available. Reservations are on a first come basis and are secured at time of payment. We'll start taking reservations at the Weds 13 Nov coffee morning, so please don't forget to bring your payment with you if you want to make a reservation at that time.  

Weds 18 Dec - 10 AM   – Health Walk starting at St. Mary’s Centre. 

There will not be a coffee morning on the 4th Wednesday in December, which is December 25 (Christmas Day).

Current exchange opportunities:  

Offer: Cambridgeshire area Timebanks have been offered an opportunity for members to see a live theatre performance of a comedic interpretation of The Wind in the Willows at the Junction in Cambridge, for the cost of 2 time credits per ticket.Whether this event goes forward depends on interest- if you're interested please let me know ASAP, including which date you'd like: Thu 12 Dec @7pm, Sat 14 Dec @11am, or Mon 16 Dec @6pm.

Administrative housekeeping request: If you participate in an ongoing member to member exchange that originated through the Timebank, please let me know. It's key to whether the Timebank's liability coverage extends to you, and also important for measuring our Timebank's activity. Thank you!

Request: --urgent-- Lift needed for member to Hinchingbrooke hospital on the morning of Tuesday, 19 Nov. The member's appointment is at 8 AM and he expects it to last an hour, if you are able to both take him to and bring him back from the appointment that is ideal, but if you can only do one direction please still let me know.

Request: Cakes for upcoming coffee mornings.

Request: One or two members to act as hosts at the late Nov coffee morning (Weds 27 Nov) while Lane is out of town.

Request: Assistance with the Christmas Lights event! The committee has asked if Timebank volunteers could help with this well loved village event, taking place this year on 7 December. Please let me know if you're interested in one of the following jobs:

 (1) before 7 Dec - baking minced pies

 (2) on 7 Dec - 5:30 until about 7: (a) manning the minced pie stall OR (b) selling raffle tickets OR (c) marshalling traffic

Request: As you conduct your Christmas shopping at Our Shop, please keep an eye out for the Christmas Light committee's Christmas Hamper. Donations of items to include in their Christmas Hamper, which will be raffled, are appreciated.

Request: Member needs assistance with painting two ceilings she can't reach (she does have a step ladder, extender pole, etc, but is on the shorter side). She will have everything moved out of the way and is not looking for a professional result (consistent with our Timebanking rules) - just would like some help making it a bit tidier.

Request: Member requests some help with tidying her garden. You can limit your time here- to one hour or two hours as you like!

Request: Occasional assistance needed to provide company for Alzheimer patient in home while primary caregiver attends their own medical appointments. This can be split into short 2 hour shifts. If this is something you are willing to do, pending your availability, please let me know and I will add you to a list of potential volunteers to be notified when the need arises. No special skills or experience needed here; I volunteered for this myself and had a lovely time sitting with a lovely woman. Another volunteer or two to add to the roster would be great.

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